How to choose Energy-Efficient Windows for Minnesota homes

The best siding for Minnesota homes

Minnesota has moderate weather for a whole 3 months out of the year. The rest of the year homes in Minnesota are exposed to some of the most extreme weather in the world. From a record high of 115° F to a low of -60° F. Throw in some snow, hail, straight line winds, the occasional tornado, and we have some of the most dramatic weather experienced by humans. Unfortunately, the weather drama does not bode well for structures that are not designed specifically to stand up to it. Fortunately, Minnesota homeowners have been able to select a product that does an incredible job protecting homes from the elements.

How Minnesota homeowners protect their homes from the elements

In the mid-1980s, a siding manufacturer was savvy enough to develop a solution that could protect Minnesota homes for decades. James Hardie, the industry leader in fiber cement siding, developed a proprietary substrate labeled “Z5” for homes in northern climate regions. The fiber cement substrate is comprised of natural fibrous material and cement which can “prevent your siding from growing mold, shrinking, swelling and cracking” (James Hardie). Their HardiePlank siding has become a staple product in the siding industry, selling over $1.6B of their fiber cement products in 2019. Many of those products were installed on Minnesota homes, across all styles and budgets.

HardiePlank siding features in Minnesota

The benefits of fiber cement siding

Developed specifically for northern climates and Minnesota homes, the Z5 substrate used in all James Hardie fiber cement siding has the following characteristics:

  • Moisture and rot resistant
  • Durable over time and includes a 30-year warranty
  • ColorPlus technology for long-lasting color
  • Fire protection that does not ignite or melt
  • Not susceptible to pests
  • Withstands extreme weather better than vinyl

Design and Versatility

James Hardie siding materials come in many forms and styles, including Plank siding, Panel siding and Shingle siding. This allows great versatility in designing unique exteriors for your home. Many homeowners choose to combine products to accentuate features or create a more interesting aesthetic to their exterior. View many of their ideas that were made real in the inspiration gallery. Many homeowners that consider fiber cement siding for the first time should request samples to see the product first-hand in order to compare it to vinyl.

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