Popular Minnesota home siding colors of 2020

Popular Minnesota home siding colors of 2020

Siding colors have changed over the decades.  What began with a handful of basic colors has now turned into a vast selection of colors and hues that appeal to homeowners in every region of the world.  It is without question that the most popular home color in the United States is white, as reflected by the overall sale volume of home siding.  As a base color, white photographs well and appeals to many homeowners in the United States.  But is white the right choice for Minnesota homes, and has it remained a popular choice?

“White homes seem to lose their ‘pop’ in Minnesota when blanketed by snow.” 

A shift away from white siding in Minnesota 

There has been a steady resurgence of warm neutrals throughout the United States as indicated by siding manufacturer  James Hardie.  This trend has been evident in Minnesota in 2020.  Homeowners have been regularly choosing warm hues that play well together, and often include features that make a statement, such as white trim or stone veneer.  “This has been a formula that has proven successful for homeowners keeping or selling their homes, especially in the long winter months. White homes seem to lose their ‘pop’ in Minnesota when blanketed by snow.” states George Ramirez, owner of  Minnetonka Construction.  Lighter neutrals trimmed by white can add enough separation from the snow to produce beautiful results, as seen by the side by side comparison provided below. 

Home with white siding blanketed in snow
House with warm hue siding blanketed with snow

Of course, colors are a matter of opinion to homeowners.  However, when looking at hard data of sales in 2020, both warm neutrals and their bolder counterparts are becoming the preferred choice of Minnesota homeowners.  Below are the most popular colors installed when using the preferred fiber cement siding for Minnesota’s climate.  As of this writing, the siding colors with trending sales include: 

  • Countrylane Red 
  • Heathered Moss
  • Mountain Sage 
  • Rich Espresso 
  • Woodstock Brown 

Siding is a major purchase for most homeowners

The key to a wise purchase is finding balance between what you are happy to come home to and what will most likely appeal to the future buyers of your home.  After all, your home siding is the largest element of curb appeal.  Start your journey to a better exterior with free samples and consultation with  certified siding professionals.  They can also provide virtual designs to help you determine what siding colors of 2020 will enhance your home. 

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