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Choosing the right siding for your Minnesota home is a critical decision. New siding affects aesthetics and protection from the elements. In Minnesota, where temperature and weather extremes occur, there are limited siding options that can provide the level of protection, beauty and long-term durability that your investment should demand. Use this guide as a starting point in making the right decision for your home siding.

Side by Side comparison

The chart below compares features of the most common siding materials, including the pros and cons of each. Siding materials have a wide range of pricing based on the material type.

Feature & Benefits James Hardie fiber cement siding for Minnesota Fiber Cement Siding Vinyl Siding Wood Siding OSB Siding Stone Veneer
30-year non-prorated warranty
Rot resistant
Impervious to termites
Resists warping and shrinking
Will not melt
Highly durable
Weather resistant
Real woodgrain look and feel
Easily painted
Post-purchase satisfaction
good-housekeeping-seal Good Housekeeping seal of approval
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Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is an engineered solution that brings balance to price and features. The material is engineered from combining four elements that result in a more durable siding material. Although fiber cement is more durable, it is also more difficult to install. According to Consumer Reports, fiber cement should only be installed by factory certified professionals, such as Minnetonka Construction.

With wood, vinyl, stone, brick, or stucco, you might get only two or three of these. But with fiber cement siding, a resilient mix of wood pulp and portland cement, you get all four. – This Old House

Formerly, fiber cement colors were limited to the most common types. Today, fiber cement siding is now available in over 700 colors as seen in the Dream Color selection by James Hardie.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is the cheapest option, but it is also the most susceptible to breaking, warping and discoloration from sun exposure. In Minnesota, temperature extremes have a negative impact on vinyl, causing faster degradation than other siding options. Additionally, if you have kids (or husbands or wives) that hit whiffle balls in the backyard, or anticipate hail making an unfriendly visit at your home, you may want to consider not choosing vinyl and opt for a more durable siding choice.

Brick and Stone siding

Brick and stone are more expensive siding options due to material and labor costs. They are more commonly used to highlight exterior features, such as a single wall or front porch. Both stone and brick are often used alongside fiber cement to create a more unique styling to the home’s exterior.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is vulnerable to rotting, fire and the elements. It also requires more frequent finishing to keep up its appearance. Minnesota homeowners are advised regularly in opting for fiber cement over wood to reduce cost and increase longevity. Fiber cement siding is highly regarded for its ability to mimic wood grains.

Before you buy

Most contractors will offer to compare home siding options with you to help you match the right siding for your budget and style. The COVID pandemic has forced contractors to adopt touchless consulting, quoting and installation processes, in which there is zero contact with homeowners. You should also ask for samples of your preferred siding material and color to test at home. The sun can change the color tone of the siding, so you may want to view it at different times of the day before deciding on a color and grain.

Technology that helps

A positive byproduct of this change has been the enhancements in contractor technology. New technology and software recently introduced have assisted contractors with obtaining highly accurate measurements that reduce cost and waste. In 2021, Minnetonka Construction added the option of virtual siding consultations and quoting to meet the needs of customers. Homeowners can even see virtual mock-ups of their home clad with their choice of siding to help speed decisions on color themes, materials, trim, soffits and more.

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